How to Request Access

To obtain apply for access to this collection, please download the BPV application and submit the completed form to bpv@vai.org. Access requests will be accepted on a continuing basis. NCI BPV program staff will review each request for completeness and follow up as necessary until all the required data is received. All applicants will be expected to pay for cost recovery fees such as cost for retrieving, processing and shipping the samples.

Download Application

The criteria used to approve each request will include the following:

  • For the tissues and blood products that were part of experimental protocols, the potential for the project to address an important question/problem or a critical barrier to progress in the field of biospecimen science will be evaluated. Requests to use the specimens for projects in other fields of interest (e.g., biomarker assay development) will be considered on a case by case basis. Blood and blood products for which there was not a matching experimental protocol will be broadly available for cancer research.
  • The level of experience and expertise of the investigators who will conduct the proposed analyses.
  • The degree to which the requested samples are uniquely suited for the proposed study or whether other samples are equally appropriate.
  • The degree to which the quantity of sample requested matches the intended use and the impact on remaining amounts.
  • The degree to which the proposed study increases the overall value of the BPV resource.
  • Whether the proposed molecular study has already been performed by the BPV program and if so, would the proposed study be redundant, complementary, or synergistic.
  • Whether there are sufficient funds to support the proposed research.