Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation (MMRF) CoMMpass Study

Pathology and Biorepository Core

The Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation’s CoMMpass Study is a multicenter, multinational, large-scale, longitudinal study in newly-diagnosed multiple myeloma (MM) with more than 1,000 patients enrolled.

VARI’s Pathology and Biorepository Core serves as the biorepository for this study, and provides support through biospecimen collection kit production, distribution and tracking, biospecimen receipt, handling and storage, processing blood and bone marrow to analytes (such as DNA and RNA), and the distribution of analytes for genomic characterization.

Project-associated publications:

Keats J, Speyer G, Christofferson A, Stephenson K, Kurdoglu A, Russell M, Aldrich J, Legendre C, Cuyugan L, Adkins J, McDonald J, Helland A, Blanksi A, Hodges M, Rohrer D, Jagannath S, Siegel D, Vij R, Orloff G, Zimmerman T, Niesvizky R, Liles D, Fay J, Wolf J, Rifin R, Derome M, Auclair D, Liang W, Kim S, Guiterrez N, Kidd P, Jewell S, Craig D, Carpten J, Lonial S. 2015. Interim analysis of the MMRF CoMMpass Study: Comprehensive characterization of multiple myeloma patients at diagnosis reveals distinct molecular subtypes and clinicial outcomes. Clin Lymphoma Myeloma Leuk 15:e44–e45.