Pathology and Biorepository Core

The Core’s pathology services are led by Dr. Galen Hostetter, a board certified pathologist with more than 15 years experience. Services include:

Tissue fixation, processing and embedding

Fixation alters the tissue by stabilizing the proteins so that they are resistant to degredation. The aim of tissue processing is to remove the water from tissues and replace it with a medium that solidifies the tissue and allows for thin sections to be cut.

Sakura VIP5 Tissue Processor
Sakura VIP6 Tissue Processor
Leica Embedding Center

Paraffin sectioning/Cryosectioning

Thin sections of tissue are cut on rotary microtomes. Routine thickness for most sections is between 4 and 6 microns.

Richard Allen Microtome
Olympus Microtome
Leica CM1900 Cryostat