Pathology and Biorepository Core

Selected Publications

GTEx Consortium. 2015. Human genomics. The Genotype-Tissue Expression (GTEx) pilot analysis: multitissue gene regulation in humans. Science. 348(6235):648–660. PubMed
*Core contributions: Dana Valley, Dan Rohrer and Scott Jewell

Carithers LJ, Ardlie K, Barcus M, Branton PA, Britton A, Buia SA, Compton CC, DeLuca DS, Peter-Demchok J, Gelfand ET, Guan P, Korzeniewski GE, Lockhart NC, Rabiner CA, Rao AK, Robinson KL, Roche NV, Sawyer SJ, Segré A, Shive CE, Smith AM, Sobin LH, Undale AH, Valentino KM, Vaught J, Young TR, Moore HM, on behalf of the GTEx Consortium. 2015. A novel approach to high-quality post-mortem tissue procurement: The GTEx Program. Biopreserv Biobank 13(5):311–319. PubMed
*Core contributions: Dana Valley, Dan Rohrer and Scott Jewell

Keats J, Speyer G, Christofferson A, Stephenson K, Kurdoglu A, Russell M, Aldrich J, Legendre C, Cuyugan L, Adkins J, McDonald J, Helland A, Blanksi AHodges MRohrer D, Jagannath S, Siegel D, Vij R, Orloff G, Zimmerman T, Niesvizky R, Liles D, Fay J, Wolf J, Rifin R, Derome M, Auclair D, Liang W, Kim S, Guiterrez N, Kidd P, Jewell S, Craig D, Carpten J, Lonial S. 2015. Interim analysis of the MMRF CoMMpass Study: Comprehensive characterization of multiple myeloma patients at diagnosis reveals distinct molecular subtypes and clinical outcomes. Clin Lymphoma Myeloma Leuk 15:e44–e45. Article

Hostetter G, Collins E, Varlan P, Edewaard E, Harbach PR, Hudson EA, Feenstra KJ, Turner LM, Berghuis BD, Resau JH, Jewell SD.  2014.  Veterinary and human biobanking practices: enhancing molecular sample integrity.  Vet Pathol 51(1): 270–280. PubMed

Robb JA, Gulley ML, Fitzgibbons PL, Kennedy MF, Cosentino LM, Washington K, Dash RC, Branton PA, Jewell SD, Lapham RL.  2014.  A call to standardize preanalytic data elements for biospecimens.  Arch Pathol Lab Med 138:526–537. PubMed

GTEx Consortium. 2013. The Genotype-Tissue Expression (GTEx) projectNat Genet 45(6):580–585. PubMed
*Core contributions: Scott Jewell

Lonsdale J, Thomas J, Salvatore M, Phillips R, Lo E, Shad S, Hasz R, Walters G, Garcia F, et al.  2013.  The Genotype-Tissue Expression (GTEx) project.  Nature Genetics 45(6): 580–585. PubMed

Spivak-Kroizman TR, Hostetter G, Posner R, Aziz M, Hu C, Demeure MJ, Von Hoff D, Hingorani SR, Palculict TB, Izzo J, Kiriakova GM, Abdelmelek M, Bartholomeusz G, James BP, Powis G.  2013. Hypoxia triggers hedgehog-mediated tumor-stromal interactions in pancreatic cancer. Cancer Res 73(11):3235-47. PubMed

Weiss GJ, Liang WS, Demeure MJ, Kiefer JA, Hostetter G, Izatt T, Sinari S, Christoforides A, Aldrich J, Kurdoglu A, Phillips L, Benson H, Reiman R, Baker A, Marsh V, Von Hoff DD, Carpten JD, Craig DW.  2013. A pilot study using next-generation sequencing in advanced cancers: feasibility and challenges.  PLoS One 8(10):e76438. PubMed

Raz G, Allen KE, Kingsley C, Cherni I, Arora S, Watanabe A, Lorenzo CD, Edwards V DK, Sridhar S, Hostetter G, Weiss GJ. 2012. Hedgehog signaling pathway molecules and ALDH1A1 expression in early-stage non-small cell lung cancer. Lung Cancer 76(2):191-196. PubMed

Savage SJ, Hostetter G. 2011. Genomic analysis by oligonucleotide array Comparative Genomic Hybridization utilizing formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded tissues.  Methods Mol Biol 700:185-98. PubMed

Bapat AA, Hostetter G, Von Hoff D, Han H. 2011. Perineural invasion and associated pain in pancreatic cancer.  Nat Rev Cancer 11(10):695-707. PubMed

Hostetter G, Kim S, Savage S, Gooden G, Alla L, Barrett M, Zhang J, Watanabe A, Einspahr J, Alberts D, Prasad A, Nickoloff B, Carpten J, Trent J, Bittner M. 2010. Random DNA fragmentation allows detection of single-copy, single-exon alterations of copy number by oligonucleotide array CGH in clinical FFPE samples. Nucleic Acids Res 38(2):e9 PubMed

Histology and Microscopy

Cao Y, Zhang ZL, Zhou M, Elson P, Rini B, Aydin H, Feenstra K, Tan MH, Berghuis B, Tabbey R, Resau JH, Zhou FJ, Teh BT, Qian CN. 2013 Pericyte coverage of differentiated vessels inside tumor vasculature is an independent unfavorable prognostic factor for patients with clear cell renal cell carcinoma. Cancer 119(2):313-324 PubMed

Harris CA, Resau JH, Hudson EA, West RA, Moon C, Black AD, McAllister JP. 2011. Effects of surface wettability, flow, and protein concentration on macrophage and astrocyte adhesion in an in vitro model of central nervous system catheter obstruction. J Biomed Mater Res 97A: 433-440. MICROSCOPY ONLY PubMed

Harris CA, Resau JH, Hudson EA, West RA, Moon C, Black AD, McAllister JP. 2011. Reduction of protein adsorption and macrophage and astrocyte adhesion on ventricular catheters by polyethylene glycol and N-aceytl-L-cysteine. J Biomed Mater Res 98A(4):425-433. MICROSCOPY ONLY PubMed

He Y, Xu Y, Zhang C, Gao X, Dykema KJ, Martin KR, Ke J, Hudson EA, Khoo SK, Resau JH, Alberts AS, MacKeigan JP, Furge KA, Xu HE. 2011. Identification of a lysosomal pathway that modulates glucocorticoid signaling and inflammation response. Sci Signal 4(180):ra44. MICROSCOPY ONLY PubMed

Harris CA, Resau JH, Hudson EA, West RA, Moon C, McAllister JP. 2010. Mechanical contributions to astrocyte adhesion using a novel in vitro model of catheter obstruction. Exp Neurol 222(2): 204-210. MICROSCOPY ONLY PubMed

Wang X, Wang S, Tang X, Zhang A, Grabinski T, Guo Z, Hudson EA, Berghuis B, Webb CP, Zhao P, Cao B. 2010. Development and evaluation of monoclonal antibodies against phosphatidylethanolamine binding protein 1 in pancreatic cancer patients. J Immunol Methods 362(1-2):151-160, HISTOLOGY/MICROSCOPY PubMed

Knudsen BS, Zhao P, Resau J, Cottingham S, Gherardi E, Xu E, Berguis B, Daugherty J, Grabinski T, Toro J, Giambernardi T, Skinner RS, Gross M, Hudson EA, Kort E, Lengyel E, Ventura A, West RA, Xie Q, Hay R, Vande Woude GF, Cao B. 2009. A novel multipurpose monoclonal antibody for evaluating human c-MET expression in preclinical and clinical settings. Appl Immunohistochem Mol Morph 17(1): 57-67. HISTOLOGY/MICROSCOPY PubMed