Pathology and Biorepository Core

VARI’s Pathology and Biorepository Core offers a comprehensive range of biospecimen services, including histology, pathology and biospecimen processing and storage. The Core manages service requests through Agilent CrossLab, which provides service descriptions as well as options to schedule equipment and request services. Pricing also is available in CrossLab (See Schedule Equipment and/or Request Services). Current CrossLab users can login here.

VARI staff that need a login (or further CrossLab support) should contact Lori Moon and MSU staff that need a login should contact Erica Lange. External users that need an CrossLab account/login can go here for account creation. After logging in, external users should click “list all cores” under the Core Facilities section in the left menu and scroll down to “Cores at Van Andel Institute.”



Core Processing




VARI has a FISMA ATO rating of low for present National Cancer Institute projects, meaning that the Institute has extensive systems for monitoring, backup and security of sensitive and important data. The Biorepository uses the Biological Specimen Inventory (BSI) database and software, developed by NCI and IMS for the management of biospecimens. VARI’s entire Core Technologies and Services team use Agilent CrossLab (formerly iLab) software to order and track specimens through production and billing.


Sakura VIP5 Tissue Processor
Sakura VIP6 Tissue Processor
Leica Embedding Center
Leica Microtomes (Automated and Manual)
Leica CM1900 Cryostat
Ventana Symphony Automated H&E Stainer
Ventana Discovery Ultra Automated IHC Stainer
Dako Autostainer Link 48
Pathology Devices TMA Arrayer
Aperio Scanscope XT
Nikon Dual Headed Photomicroscope
Covaris–cryoPREP CP02
CryoXtract CXT 353
Qiagen QIAsymphony (magnetic bead, tissue, cells or blood, nucleic acid isolation)
Autogen FLEX STAR (chemistry, blood nucleic acid isolation)
Qiagen TissueLyzer II
Qiagen QIAcube (chemistry, tissue or blood, nucleic acid isolation)
Agilent Bioanalyzer 2100
NanoDrop 8000
Qubit 2.0 fluorometer
Miltenyi AutoMACS (cell separators)
Thermo Science Cytospin 4
Luminex xMAP Technology – MAGPIX
-80°C and -20°C mechanical freezers, laboratory-grade refrigerators
Liquid nitrogen freezers (LN2), MVE-type